More Homesick Than Seasick

In een interview met de auteur Hugo Hamilton voor een Ierse krant – MORE HOMESICK THAN SEASICK – las ik het volgende:

Hugo Hamilton was not allowed to speak English growing up. This served as an inspiriation and motivation for one of Ireland’s most acclaimed fiction writers to begin writing.

The Speckled People (whose working title was More Homesick Than Seasick, taken from the last postcard one of his grandfathers sent from the navy before his death) isn’t just another retelling of a troubled and despaired childhood in Ireland. But rather, it is a poetic, comical, and horrific reflection on Hamilton’s formative years told through a child’s narration, with an underlying of adult analysis and perception.

De auteur als kind

“My father did everything for family and for his country. He made a lot of sacrifices, but he included us in those sacrifices. He didn’t do that deliberately or wasn’t malicious with his intent, but his crusade injured us, and that was his mistake. He realized that later in life, and apologized for it. At that point, it was almost too late.”


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